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Trainertext Flashcards - Phases 2-5 Bundle

Trainertext Flashcards - Phases 2-5 Bundle

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There are four flashcard packs that take you from short words through to complex, tricky words. Individual packs are £15 or you can buy all four with a 20% discount.

This flashcard bundle includes:

  • Phase 2 CVC Words
  • Phase 3 CVC Words
  • Phase 5 Short Words
  • Phase 5 Long Words

Reading is the foundation to every child's education and these cards will ensure your child is heading in the right direction for success.

Bright kids often do a lot of intelligent guessing when reading a book, but if you work through a few flashcards each day, you will build up their ability to decode letters into sounds instead, until it becomes automatic.

Each card has a plain text side and on the back a "trainertext" version. If the word is tricky to decode, you just flip the card and the little images (which we call pictophones) will give the game away.

2-3 minutes of that each day will build the neural circuits that underpin your child's future. No more guessing! Just steady, accurate reading with good comprehension is what you will begin to see.

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