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Trainertext Short Word Flashcards - Phase 5

Trainertext Short Word Flashcards - Phase 5

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This durable card set includes short words from Phase 5 Units 1-4 of the All Aboard Phonics programme.

The flashcards are double sided: on one side the word is presented in plain text, on the other side the word appears in trainertext. Trainertext has a pictophone over each grapheme (letter) to guide learners towards the correct phoneme (sound). Our pictophones each represent a single phoneme, by their onset sound, so the Ant always represents the /a/ sound.

Trainertext scaffolds the decoding process. The child can always work out the sounds in a word, allowing the learner to relax during reading practice. They know they can work out even the irregular words. With less stress, the learner can do more decoding. That begins to build a map of GPCs in their subconscious memory faster.

Once the GPC mapping is in place for a word, the pictophones in the trainertext are no longer needed.

This process has been tested with tens of thousands of learners and works every time.

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